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Our Story

North Kent Martial Arts was established, in 2009 by Sensei Saj De Silva. Our roots are still young, but our immediate rise to success has been far and beyond anything anyone could have imagined.


Unparalleled Competition Successes

NKMA has already won an astonishing number of titles - the Meopham Open in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (one of the premier karate competitions in the country). There have been further unparalleled achievements, displaying the quality of the instruction provided at the NKMA dojo - winning the Southern English Championships in 2013, 2014 and 2016 and the East England Championships in 2014, 2016 and 2017. 2016 saw the club's most successful year, where NKMA won the East English, Southern English and the Meopham Open Championships on two occasions. NKMA Chief Instructor Sensei De Silva, was awarded the prestigious "Coach of the Year" award, for the clubs astonishing recent climb to the pinnacle of UK karate. Indeed, incredibly, NKMA has won every competition that they have entered since 2015, unbeaten in more than 2 years of competition. Amazingly, since the club's inception in 2009, we have produced an array of more than 30 different national medalists and won a staggering 15 team club titles.  

International Success

Our successes broke onto the world stage in 2016 where the club brought home it's first ever international medalists, with Ruveyda Ekinci, Vicky Yates and Brandon Spalding all achieving bronze medals at the WUKF open styles World Championships in Dublin.

Since then we have continued our international successes;

International NKMA Student Successes

Dublin 2016 WUKF World Championships

Vicky Yates - Bronze, Kumite

Ruvey Ekinci - Bronze, Kumite

Brandon Spalding - Bronze, Kumite

Italy 2016 WUKF European Championships

Ruvey Ekinci - Gold, Kumite

Danny Rothwell - Bronze, Team Kumite

Layla Flint - Silver, Kata

Romania 2017 WUKF European Championships

Brandon Spalding - Gold, Kata

Jessica-Mary Onuoha - Silver, Kumite

Ruvey Ekinci - Silver, Kumite

Romania 2017 WUKF European Championships

Brandon Spalding - Gold, Kata

Jessica-Mary Onuoha - Silver, Kumite

Ruvey Ekinci - Silver, Kumite

Dundee 2018 WUKF World Championships

Layla Flint - Bronze, Kata.

                     Silver, Team Kumite

Arturo P-S - Bronze, Kumite

                     Silver, Team Kumite

Sammy Holmes - Silver, Kata

Jessica-Mary Onuoha - Gold, Kumite

                                         Silver x2, Bronze, Team Kumite

Ruvey Ekinci - Silver x2, Team Kumite

Vicky Yates - Bronze, Kumite

Malta 2018 WUKF European Championships

Arturo P-S - Silver, Kumite

Holly Pratt - Silver, Kumite 

                      Bronze,  Team Kumite

Jessica-Mary Onuoha - Gold, Kumite

                                         Silver, Bronze, Team Kumite

Brandon Spalding - Bronze, Kumite

Emma Harris - Gold, Team Kata

                           Silver, Kata

                           Bronze, Team Kumite

Layla Flint - Gold Team Kata

                     Bronze, Team Kumite

Summer Davies - Gold Team Kata

                                Bronze Team Kumite

Vicky Yates - Bronze x2, Kumite

Bratislava 2019 WUKF World Championships

Brandon Spalding - Silver, Kumite

Summer Davies - Bronze, Team Kumite

Layla Flint - Bronze, Team Kumite

Jorge Fowler - Bronze, Team Kumite

Romania 2021 WUKF World Championships

Curtis Wallis - Gold, Kumite

Holly Pratt - Gold, Adapted Kata

Vicky Yates - Silver, Kata

                       Silver, Kumite

Jorge Fowler - Bronze, Kata

Nevaeh Hawkes - Bronze, Kumite

Brandon Spalding - Bronze, Kumite

Kieran Hawkes - Bronze, Adapted Kata

Our ability to produce among the world's best students is not the only thing that makes training at NKMA so attractive. We have shown constant growth in numbers and hold impressive student retention rates, with club's all over North Kent. We try to make our lessons fun and practical and take a modern approach to training whilst also maintaining the more traditional aspects of martial arts. And with more and more new people flooding through our doors with each week, the future holds very bright for NKMA. Is it your dream to one day represent your country? Then NKMA could be the club for you!

Membership Fees and value for money
However, it is not just the quality of the training at NKMA that should catch your eye, because our prices are the best around too! We offer several different ways to pay, and with fully transparent pricing structures, you will always feel confident that you are getting value for your money. We do not tie you down to long term contracts and offer great savings to be made with our monthly payment plans. Not only this, we are among the only clubs in the local areas to offer you training on seven days a week, giving you far more choice than any other club. Our clubs are based at multiple venues, including Swanscombe, Dartford, Gravesend and Medway, making your money go further.

NKMA classes offer a lot of versatility, with each session offering you something different. Many classes are split in grade and age, which allows for a more enjoyable learning experience with students of your own ability and age group, but we also provide family sessions, where everyone can train together! Along with this, private lessons are also available, for that extra attention to detail at crucial times. Our club regularly runs courses where our students get to train with world class athletes, to give you that something extra special to remember your learning experiences by. At NKMA, you can guarantee a diary full of socialising with others from the club, with club meals, party's, awards evenings, days at the park, trips to the cinema, training courses and weekends away - where the whole family can join in the fun!
Like what you hear? Then please come along and join the ranks at NKMA! Whether you are an experienced martial artist looking to further your training or a novice beginning your training, NKMA offers enough versatility to give anyone a high quality learning experience and at our club, it does not have to hurt your pocket either :)


Join NKMA, be the best you can be! Train to reach your potential and live out your dreams !