2020 Diary

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Important Annual Dates, that you can all place in your diaries to make sure that you don't miss out on the most important events of the club's calendar.


Sunday January 26th - LIVERPOOL KARATE OPEN

Sunday January 26th - Lessons Changes; 10am-10.30am - Little Tigers

                                                                            10.30am-11.30am - All Other Grades and Abilities


Saturday February 15th - North Kent Grading - Swanscombe

Saturday February 22nd - EUKF Kata Squads - 1.30pm-3pm - Swanscombe Centre

Thursday February 27th - Sunday 1st March - NEXT LITTLE TIGERS BADGES LESSONS


Saturday March 21st - Brentwood Grading - Senior Karate and Kick Boxing

Sunday March 29th - The EUKF National Championships, Colchester University

Sunday March 29th - Lessons Changes; 10am-10.30am - Little Tigers

                                                                         10.30am-11.30am - All Other Grades and Abilities


Friday April 10th - Monday 13th - EASTER SHORT BREAK (lessons cancelled)

Sunday April 19th - 5K Tought Runner Course, NKMA Team Building, age 16+ only

Sunday April 26th - EUKF Kumite squads (World Championship Team Fight-offs)


Saturday May 2nd - North Kent Grading (Swanscombe) and Brentwood Grading

Saturday and Sunday May 9th and 10th - Kaichou Kai Weekend Karate Course, Dagenham

Sunday May 17th - Clacton Open Competition


Saturday June 6th - EUKF kumite squads (World Championship Team Fight-offs)

Friday 12th June - First Ever NKMA Fund Raising QUIZ NIGHT! - Royal British Legion, Greenthithe - 630pm-9.30pm

Sunday June 21st - Clacton Open Competition

Saturday June 27th - EUKF Kata Squads 1.30pm-3pm, Swanscombe Heritage Hall


Wednesday July 1st - July 5th - WUKF World Karate Championships, POLAND

Thursday July 16th - Sunday 19th July - LITTLE TIGERS BADGES LESSONS

Saturday July 18th - North Kent Grading, Swanscombe


Saturday August 1st - Monday 31st - REDUCED AUGUST TIMETABLE


Sunday September 6th - EUKF Kumite Squads, Essex

Sunday September 19th - POOL PARTY! Cascasdes Leisure Centre, Gravesend, 7pm-9.15pm

Sunday September 27th - Clacton Open Competition


Saturday October 3rd - North Kent Grading, Swanscombe

Sunday October 11th - FIRST EVER NKMA Internal Club Competition! SWANSCOMBE CENTRE - 10am-2pm  

Sunday October 18th - EUKF Kumite Squads, Essex

Saturday-Sunday - 31st October-1st November - Kazen Kai Winter Course, Sunderland


Wednesday November 11th - Sunday 15th - WUKF European Karate Championships - ITALY

Thursday November 26th - Sunday 29th November - LITTLE TIGERS BADGES LESSONS

Sunday November 29th - EUKF Kumite Squads, Essex


Saturday December 5th - END OF YEAR PARTY & AWARDS CEREMONY - David Lloyd Dartford

Saturday December 19th 2020 (final lesson of year)

January 2021

January 5th 2021 (first lesson of the year)

NKMA's FULLY ONLINE timetable!


FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) 6pm-6.30pm - Strength and Conditioning - With Holly and Toni

(All ages and abilities, Karateka and Kick boxers)


FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Pre-recorded) 12pm - NKMA Weekly Challenge, with Chris and James

FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Pre-recorded) 6pm - 6.30pm - 10 Minutes Circuit - Training To MusicWith Vicky

(All ages and abilities, Karateka and Kick boxers)


FACEBOOK PORTAL(Live) 6pm - 6.30pm - WORK OUT! In Uniform - With The Yates Family

(All ages and abilities, Karateka and Kick boxers)

ZOOM! - (live multi-cam session)6.45pm - 7.35pm - Karate, Intermediate and advanced - With Saj


FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Pre-recorded) 12pm-12.20pm - Kick boxing Training Circuit, with Helen and Nevaeh

FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) 6pm - 6.30pm - WORK OUT! Fighting Drills - With Danny

(All ages and abilities, Karateka and Kick boxers)


ZOOM! (live multi-cam session)5.30pm-6.10pm - Beginner Karate - aged 6-9  - With Saj

ZOOM! (live multi-cam session) - 6.20pm-7pm - Intermediate to Advanced Karate students - With Saj

ZOOM! (live multi-cam session) 7.10pm-7.50pm - Kick boxers - All Grades - With Saj


FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) - 11am-11.15am - Saj's Weekly Round Up

FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) - 12pm-12.30pm - WORK OUT! In Uniform - With The Yates Family

(All ages and abilities, Karateka and Kick boxers)

FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) - 6pm-6.30pm - Beginners Circuit, No Equipment - With Saj and Sindy

(All ages and abilities, Karateka and Kick boxers)


FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) - 11am-11.40am - WEEKLY FAMILY QUIZ! With Prize!

FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) - 1pm-1.25pm - LITTLE TIGERS and junior Beginners - With Danny

ZOOM! - (live multi-cam session)2pm-2.40pm - Intermediate to Advanced Karate students - With Saj

FACEBOOK PORTAL - (Live) - 4.30pm-4.45pm - Mindfulness and Meditation Session - With Saj

(All parents and students, please feel free to join us)